Indian Hills Association
Do you recognize your
neighbors' homes from
photos taken in the 1940's?
The Brady House, formerly Whowell
The Fischer House, formerly Roberts
The Egan House
The Stedronsky House, formerly Condon
The Neumeister House, formerly Dvorak
The Gorey House
The D'Aprile, Jr. house
A Family Community established in 1945 on beautiful Geneva Lake!
Our neighbor, David McPherson, has provided an answer to a question that
we've all had . . . .  
 What do our street names mean???
The answer is found in
Leaves*, dated
August 19, 1937.

"Mr. D.L. Roberts of
Chicago who has
developed Indian Hills,
has tried to preserve the
Indian traditions in the
names of the streets,
calling them Aweogon
(home), Agaming,
Akwenasa, Ayataia,
Adahi, Adsila.  
Altogether they mean
"My home on the
shore in the woods.  
My resting place."
*"Bay Leaves" also known as "Lake
Geneva observer" was a
mimeographed weekly publication
that was in circulation from 1933 to
1938, publisher F.M. Van Eppsin in
Williams Bay
Here's a
copy of the
May 25, 1939
edition of Bay
Leaves which gives
us a glimpse of
home construction
and the social life
of residents of
Indian Hills.
Would you like to read more pages from the Bay Leaves publication?  Here's a link to the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections where you can
read other Bay Leaves pages:
Our Lake Steps -
(Circa 1928)