A Family Community established in 1945 on beautiful Geneva Lake!
IHA Lakefront
Indian Hills Association             Fontana-on-Geneva Lake, Wisconsin        
An autumn shoreline!
Ice Boating
And on the shores, we find beauty that measures up to that of the lake it surrounds: Where
nature has been most generous with brooks and hills and dells and a profusion of other scenic
features, and where man has spent millions to landscape and develop this natural beauty.  Little
wonder then that a lifetime is short enough to spend at Geneva Lake, so fitly called Nature's
- an excerpt of a tribute to Geneva Lake that was published in the Geneva Lake Pictorial in 1931entitled
Geneva Lake, Similar to Congenial Friend
Tubing on the Lake
Indian Hills Flag Pole
"There is something in the nature of Geneva that never satiates you.  Like an old
friend, Geneva wears well.  Elsewhere your spirit is restless and forever seeking
diversion.  Here you are content with just living.  Here the sheer joy of living has
a real meaning. . . . .
Some days she is regally bedecked with rich colors, and this is when the sunlight
is filtered through the white clouds at a certain angle so that the clear waters
below reflect the delicate pastel shades.  Some days she is gray and rough and
turbulent, and yet even that mood has its charm to us, for she is beautiful even
when angry. . . . .